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What is STOP. KISSING. FINN. About? 

STOP. KISSING. FINN. is about Charlie Wolfe, a quiet, rule-abiding 17-year-old girl who intentionally keeps her social circle small. (Like, it’s more of a straight line than a circle.) When Jackie Donnelly, her best friend since first grade, very publicly ditches her their senior year, she’s heartbroken and humiliated. Her instinct is to hide, so she immerses herself in a culinary arts/creative writing independent study that guarantees her solitude.  

But a scheduling mix-up forces her to share a workspace with Finn Cavello, an advanced art student who regularly skips school, talks back to teachers, and steals Charlie’s supplies. She’s frustrated and annoyed by Finn’s behavior... until she finds herself locked in a janitor’s closet with him. (Did I mention he was hot?) 

Charlie quickly discovers that breaking the rules is not only fun but borderline addictive, especially when you have an accomplice like Finn. But, when Finn reveals the destructive side of his personality, Charlie begins to wonder if she can be with him without losing herself. Or if maybe it’s already too late.

Who is STOP. KISSING. FINN. Written For?

Technically, YA fiction is intended for readers between the ages of 12 and 18. But, if you’re like me (and most of my grown adult friends), you never stopped consuming it, even after you aged out of the target demographic. There’s something about this genre that’s still so satisfying to read (and write!). 

About Me

I’m Brooklyn-based freelance health, fitness, and lifestyle writer. You can find my work in publications like Oxygen, Runner’s World, Backpacker, Men’s Journal, Openfit, and What to Expect. I tend to write a lot about tight hip flexors and how to strengthen your core—this is different. 


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Teen drama, best friend break-ups, all-consuming crushes, senior-year pranks, and notebooks filled with secret poems. STOP. KISSING. FINN. is Serial YA Fiction


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