Chapter 23 Recap: Sparks fly one last time in the art room, but not like they used to. Charlie’s done with Finn’s BS. 1:53 p.m. I was next to the large…
Chapter 22 recap: In what feels like an out-of-body experience, Charlie presents her independent study project at the final assembly. It’s a success, at…
I’ve learned. I didn’t always know. When to yield, to let them pass.
"It wouldn't make sense if it wasn't personal."
I still didn’t know what everyone would think. But I did know that I was done with hiding all the important parts of myself. And that was something I…
It certainly felt like I was beyond something. Like I’d gone too far in one direction and was lost.
Of course, I hadn’t forgotten anything. I still got that ache in my chest every time I thought of him.
A constellation of rhinestone studs decorated both of Jenna's ears, but tucked just above the left one was a flower. A small, orange carnation. Like the…
When a memory is like that, you can only be alone with it for so long or it starts to feel like you made it up.
“You’re right,” I said and slipped my hands into my back pockets. “I did bring you here. I wanted to bring you here.”
The feeling you get when your foot falls asleep after you’ve been sitting on it too long? That's how my whole body felt. It was pure rage, I think.
Now I'm stuck painting her face.